CNN : Trump Steals Food from Black Kid !

Hilarious Fake News And Some Real News Too !

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Trump Steals Food from Black Kid !

Real News : President Trump Visits Survivors at Hurricane Harvey Relief Center

Important Note : The Above video that shows the Truth about Trump’s Visit has been removed from Youtube based on false complaint of “hate speech” by Left/liberal Mafia. If you want to get Full info/videos you can Donate below and we will send you Email Alerts  once a week of All articles/videos published before they get taken off by Left/liberal Mafia.

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Continued ..

President Trump Full Speech at Hurricane Harvey Relief Center 

Important Note : The Above video  has been removed from Youtube based on false complaint by Left/liberal Mafia. If you want to get Full info/videos you can Donate below and we will send you Email alerts of articles/videos published once a week before they get taken off by Left/liberal Mafia.

Donald J. Trump – The Most Benevolent & Charitable President in American History !


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Real News : President Trump and First lady Melania Trump in Ellington Field, Texas. meet with Harvey survivors



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